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Learn the Sinister Tactics
Insurance Companies Use to
Hold Your Money Hostage...

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The Even Have the Audacity to Use YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY to
Pay Cheap Outsourced Labor to Audit Your Own Practice!

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“We literally saved $17,486 by implementing one thing from this ebook.”

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You are NO LONGER at the mercy of greedy insurance companies...

By the time you are done reading this, you will not only understand how insurance companies are “preying” on your practice, but you will also see how simple it is to put a stop to it!

You Won't Find This Game-Changing Information Anywhere Else Online... 

For decades insurance companies got away with tactics, like denying claims and delaying payments, forcing you and your staff to jump through endless hoops to get paid…

Why? Because they knew eventually you would give in to their game.

Their greedy shenanigans end up costing you an arm and a leg in company time and payroll. So you just accepted lost and delayed revenues as par for the course with dealing with insurance billing.

In our FREE e-book you will discover:

`Insurance Companies' Strategy: How They Really Make Their Money

  • It's not about your chiropractic approach or philosophy.
  • They are focused on payment, not your profession.
  • Dive into the automated insurance process that affects your earnings.

How They Rig the System

  • Insights from Wall Street experts on insurance claim transactions.
  • Why don't they pay in real time? It's the law!
  • Expose the collusion and consolidation among insurance giants.

Their Tactics and Their Rules

  • Learn the tactics used to delay payments and deny claims.
  • Uncover the complex coding system designed to confuse you.
  • Explore the legal protection insurance companies enjoy.

Kicking You While You're Down

  • How insurance companies invest their money in people, processes, and technology.
  • Outsourcing and leveraging cheap workers to maximize profits.
  • The costly manual steps that work against you.

About the Author:

Dr. Brian Capra - President and Co-Founder of Genesis Chiropractic Software

Dr. Brian Capra

Dr. Brian Capra is a 2002 Graduate of Life University in Atlanta, GA. After building a successful practice in Princeton, NJ he discovered a fundamental flaw in traditional chiropractic software. Dr. Capra decided to look outside chiropractic to find a solution. He found that large organizations focused on customer experience, used technology in a totally different way. These enterprise level technologies were getting amazing results. He and his team began building the first and only, enterprise level, Patient Experience Technology.

For almost two decades, Dr. Capra has been using the lessons learned and the technology that was built to improve the retention, revenue, compliance and team productivity of hundreds of practices across the country as well as large organizations like Maximized Living, CBP, and Elevation Health just to name a few.

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How to Seamlessly Leverage AI to Stop Insurance Companies From "Back Door Syphoning" Your Hard Earned Practice Profits...

(Regardless of Which Practice Management Software You Are Using)

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Don't let insurance companies drain your profits any longer. Take control of your practice's financial success now!


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Most importantly, you will discover how to seamlessly leverage technology to transform your practice and grow your profits!

Imagine your practice with:

1. Real-Time Claim Processing

Say goodbye to delayed payments and endless paperwork. Our AI-based billing system enables real-time claim processing, just like transactions on Wall Street. 

By leveraging advanced algorithms and automation, you can eliminate the need for manual steps and ensure that your claims are processed and paid promptly. No more waiting for weeks or even months to receive your hard-earned money.

2. Accurate Coding and Documentation

Navigating the complex coding system is a breeze with AI-powered solutions that analyzes patient documentation, matches it with the appropriate codes, and alerts you of any potential errors or discrepancies. 

This feature ensures that your claims are accurate, reducing the risk of denials and delays caused by coding mistakes.

3. Automated Claim Submission and Tracking

Gone are the days of spending countless hours submitting claims and following up with insurance companies. 

You can now use AI to automatically submits claims to the respective payers, track their progress, and provide real-time updates on their status. This automation minimizes the chances of claims getting lost or forgotten, maximizing your chances of receiving timely payments.

4. Enhanced Revenue Optimization

You can also leverage AI to employ advanced algorithms to analyze payment patterns, identify underpayments, and detect potential discrepancies. 

By proactively flagging such issues, you can swiftly address them and recover the revenue you rightfully deserve. Our technology acts as your vigilant partner, protecting your practice's profitability.